Posted by: mikeydude | June 5, 2009

Mission Statement

Hi and welcome! I am a British Born Chinese married to a Singaporean living in Cardiff UK. One of my main passions in life is food, and I’ve been itching to write a blog for a while now. This blog will consist of my significant eating experiences from my own cooking at home (hehe.. of which my wife is my guinea-pig) and restaurants. Feel free to leave any comments! Looking forward to it…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ultimately I want this blog to be a Cardiff Food and Restaurant guide that people can use for lunch/dinner suggestions. I hope you guys can also recommend me some to try on top of this. I will also be reviewing other restaurants around the UK and the world that I will be visiting, but Wales will be my main focus.



  1. THis is great Mike! keep it up! looking forward to more of your foodie adventures in Cardiff and beyond. =)

  2. I’ve loving these reviews… get eating!

    • Thanks Nick. Keep posted and continue enjoying these reviews, but just remember that you may not always agree with what I write, and…. hehe… I’m quite a fussy eater these days!

  3. Perhaps on your travels you could find a good Singaporean restaurant in Cardiff? I love that kind of food but haven’t yet seen anywhere locally that really goes to town on it. I’m bookmarking this site!

    • Thanks for the support… appreciated ๐Ÿ˜€ Regarding Singaporean food in CArdiff you have very few options. Bali is a south east asian restaurant just off St Mary’s Street in a side alley aka Kebab Street. It serves classic south east asian dishes like singapore laksa and malaysian rendang curry. I’ve been there twice… they have a lunch menu which serves a simple plate of food for less than a tenner. Can’t remember how much exactly. I must say… it’s pretty bad. Quality is nowhere near that of the “hawker” centres in Singapore and it’s pricey for what you get.

      Another place that springs to mind is Pheonix Garden on Cryws Rd near the Co-Op. This place specialises in Malaysian cuisine and serves up the standard dishes like Rendang, curry noodles, Kun Lo duck noodles and the like lunch times again for less than a tenner. It’s better than Bali by far but still off the mark I’m afraid. By all means give it a try. Let me know what you think. Try out their Roti Chanai, which is basically a thin piece of dough fried and served with curry sauce. A South East Asian classic. Not bad…

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