Posted by: mikeydude | July 4, 2009

Paris… Beautiful Paris… (excellent food too!)

Just got back from a 5 day trip to the beautiful land of Paris. I went there 4 years ago as a student and had to be thrifty with spending. This time I go back and I’m able to treat myself to the luxurious culinary treats on offer in this fantastic city. I will be publishing my reviews in the restaurants I went to shortly. I particularly focused on eating in traditional bistros bar one meal at the world acclaimed L’astrance. In the mean time I will display some of the photos of various food items we purchased at the Patisseries (my goodness the French put a LOT of effort into their pastries and chocolate!).

Speaking of patisseries and chocolate, I was absolutely stunned by the sheer quality of it all since day 1 of my trip. I can’t believe there is such a diversity of quality and brands in Paris. I mean… back in Cardiff we have Greggs!!!!! Unfortunately I couldn’t take many pictures of them due to time restraints, but the strawberry pastry and salmon quiche was lunch on the 1st day. Quite pricey but the quality was there, so I didn’t particularly mind. Quiche was packed with freshly cooked salmon that was moist and not too doughy. The strawberry pastry was light despite the cream and refreshingly sweet.

The remaining pictures are of 2 of Paris’ most branded confectionary shops that you must all visit; Pierre Herme (which is coming to London so I hear!!), and Gerard Mulot. Stupidly pricey, but I had to try out the famous Macaroons of Paris; difficult to describe, they’re like biscuits on the outside, and moist delicious paste on the in. Technically very difficult to make. The best way I can describe it is…. kinda like a mini chocolate fondant biscuit… (well the chocolate one at least)… there are loads of flavours ranging from chocolate to fruit to even pistacchio! Give them a try if you’re in Paris!

The other discovery I made which was recommended by famous Paris food writer David Lebovitz was Parisian Falafel. Located in the jewish district near the Notre Dame, there are LONG LONG queues here daily (except Sabbath days) for effectively pitta bread filled with salad and deep fried balls of chick peas and fava beans topped with spicy sauce. Doesn’t sound the best, but gosh they taste fantastic to eat. It’s also great to see the Parisians getting stuck into fast food for once! A worthy quick lunch experience but I stupidly forgot to take a picture of one to show you all.

Please note; I wouldn’t recommend a trip to Paris at the moment due to the strong Euro and weak Pound. Sheesh, it’s slightly improved now (£0.85/Euro at time of writing), but still… it cost 7 Euro for a bottle of coke in most places. That’s absurd! Sadly I was forced to part with my cash as I was there during the heat wave. Grrrr…


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