Posted by: mikeydude | July 30, 2009

L’AOC Paris Lunch Restaurant Review (6.5/10)

This meat lover’s paradise was recommended by some foodies on It’s situated off one of the main Boulevards in central Paris. I decided to go there for lunch on my last day. My fellow foodies had suggested I steer clear of beef and go for the rotisserie so that’s exactly what I did….

aoc bread olives

I was quite surprised to see so few customers in an establishment with so many awards! The ambience was nice enough with options to sit on the outside terrace or inside where various hunting equipments were hung on the wall. We sat next to a window looking onto the street.

We were then presented with a large chalkboard listing the specials and another smaller one listing the menu fixe (€21 for 2 courses). Most options were meat based and included hits like roasted rib of beef from both germany and Ireland – feeds 2 for about €60. I wasn’t that hungry so opted for something else. Interesting that no french beef was an option!!!

Anyway we opted for croissilant of pig trotters and grilled duck hearts for starters, followed by grilled pork spare rib chop and standard pork chop with foie GRAS sauce for mains. After spending €100 on wine the night before I opted for evian for lunch.

Starter 1: Croissilant of pig trotters

aoc croissilant

This was presented as a deep fried cuboid of pig trotter meat encased in a crispy coating sat on salad leaves. This was actually quite delicious; crispy on the outside with moist tender meat on the inside. It really reminded me of the same item I had at a south London restaurant a few months back called Tom Ilic. Great start to the meal.

Starter 2: Griddled duck hearts

aoc heart

I’m convinced this is a Japanese recipe as it’s exactly the kind of dish they would come up with! Nevertheless it was deliciously tender and tasty, easily ruined and made rubbery by overcooking. Well executed.

Main 1: Grilled pork spare rib chop

aoc pork

The slab of meat was huge and looked fantastic; the slightest charcoaling of the surface showed that it had been well sealed. The juices made each mouthful moist, also aided by the fatty streaks characteristic of this cut of pork. The sauce was well flavoured to compliment the meat and the mash was perfectly smooth. Good stuff!

Main 2: Grilled pork chop with foie gras sauce

aoc pork chop foie sauce

Again looked fantastically sealed although I knew that it wouldn’t be as tender as the spare rib chop due to the large piece of bone in the middle of it! Nevertheless the fatty edge was absolutely delicious and the foie gras sauce gave the dish that extra edge over it’s other pork counterpart. Again flawlessly smooth mash accompanied the dish well particularly at the end when mopping up the sauces!

We were too full to proceed after the 2 courses and called it quits there. In total we paid €57 which is expensive but we had accustomed ourselves to Paris’ astronomical prices at this point. Hmmm it’s a bit cruel on this old dog due to the quality of the restaurants we had been to the nights before. Definitely enjoyed the meal very much…. It just couldn’t compete with the big boys.


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