Posted by: mikeydude | October 13, 2009

Away with the books….

For the regular readers of this post (there must be some!!!) you may have noticed I’ve been out of action for a while 😦 Unfortunately I’ve been struck down by upcoming exams and so have had to stop writing for a while to hit the books. Will carry on once the exams over in late November.

In the meantime I’ve recently been to Prague. Was going to write on the restaurants and food there but decided against after experiencing the diabolical restaurant scene there at present.

Some exciting meals to try out soon. Top of my list is a small restaurant in Bridgend called La Plie but for some reason it’s closed temporarily. I also want to try out La Gallois for whih I haven’t been for some time after a disappointing meal there almost 2 years ago. I hear they have a new chef!

The Armless Dragon I’ve wanted to try for a long time but have been put off by mixed reviews. We shall see….

Watch this space!

Oh btw, I’m finally gonna ditch using my iPhone camera and get a more capable snapper. At the moment it’s looking like the fujifilm f200exr for its low light shot capabilities. Finally…..


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