Posted by: mikeydude | December 14, 2009

Lunches in New York City & New Hampshire

Going to mention some of the lunches we had in the states. I’m not going to review/score them individually as we generally don’t eat as much for lunch and therefore it wouldn’t be fair to do so. Nevertheless I have some comments to share with you all.

Stage Deli New York City

This was the first lunch we had in New York City and recommended by our guidebook as a favourite celebrity spot. It is basically a deli that prides itself on its corn-beef sandwiches which has cleverly named variations of its sandwiches after celebrities and their favourites. A marketing heaven then…

I ordered a half sandwich of plain cornbeef which was around $10. I must admit the corn beef was very good; the best I’ve ever tasted, but half a sandwich for that price is a bit steep I think. However they do give plenty of meat – which is succulent and tasty.

The Mrs ordered a special – I can’t remember its name but essentially was a full sandwich of pastrami and cheese. This was coming close to $20 which is on the brink of extortion!

Well at least the pastrami was delicious and plentiful. Doesn’t justify the price tag though.

Of special mention was the chocolate milkshake which my Mrs and sister-in-law described as amongst the best they’ve ever had.

Le’s Vietnamese Noodle Bar

This is supposed to be one of the best places for vietnamese noodles in Boston. I must confess that I don’t eat Vietnamese very often and my previous experiences have been rather mediocre. This beef noodle broth was very flavoursome and the noodles fine and light. The beef pieces were very tender. However my sister-in-law ordered the beef broth without the noodles which resulted in a lot more beef so I would probably recommend that if someone else in your party has already ordered the noodles for you to try.

My wife is a fan of what I call ‘healthy man’s spring rolls’ that are frequently found on Vietnamese menus. They are ?steamed rolls of vegetables and in this case prawns that are served cold and with a peanut sauce. Quite tasty I wouldn’t normally order them. I prefer my mum’s proper spring rolls! 😀

International House of Pancakes (IHOP)

This is a national chain of pancake specialists that serve up the best pancakes in the land (supposedly). I’m not a big pancake eater so I couldn’t possibly comment. However I did enjoy both the stawberry and blueberry pancakes very much. They’re fairly light and delicious when combined with the golden syrup that is provided.


This was recommended for milkshakes and was our final lunch in the states before we left. Originally intended as a highway stopover for a quick milkshake, this became a bit of a mini-feast. I forgot to shoot the milkshake but even I found it more than satisfactory.

This beef mushroom and cheese sandwich was succulent and well seasoned. It also came with a generous portion of chips. Comfort food.

I didn’t actually try the burger but my father-in-law said it was pretty good despite its composition of minced beef which is not a family favourite.

I must admit the Americans are masters of making hearty sweet desserts and this was of no exception. Deliciously large chunks of brownie smothered in Ice-Cream and peanut sauce. A dessert lover’s dream….


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