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Newick Lobster House Concord USA Review (5/10)

I risked life and limb to come to this place after a 13 mile drive through icy roads. I must state my awe of the Americans in their ability to handle snow storms at this point. Within 12 hours of an unexpected snow storm with 6 inches of snow clearly visible the whole of the stretch between New York and Boston had their major roads cleared. I can’t imagine what would happen in the UK! Ok supply and demand I hear you say, but neverthless… they’re good at what they need to do in this respect!

Which leads me on to this restaurant of which is as the name implies; a lobster house. Plenty of farmed lobster on display in cabinets and separated according to size. Thankfully expectations were now more at level ground since the meal the night before at Jumpin Jays, but I still could not stop myself from making comparisons with Legal Seafood.

The highlight of this place is that you get to choose your own lobster which for its novelty value alone makes it worth the visit. However it was already in a losing battle against Legal as these are all farmed and so the flavours of the meat would be unlikely to match that of its sea-caught relatives.

Our waiter was very enthusiastic and a joy to chat with. Not posh by any means, but friendly and knowledged about what this place has to offer. He was also very quick to any requests that we had and quick to help us take photographs. Anyway what was to come was a colossal feast…

I find it amusing how easy it is to satisfy my wife when it comes to bread at a restaurant. It only requires 2 criteria pretty much regardless of the quality of the bread; it must be warm and soft. Despite it being obvious that these baps given to us were factory made and cheap, they met these 2 criteria and she loved it.

Starter #1: Buffalo Shrimp

I think these are prepared in bulk but boy did they carry a spicy kick. I wasn’t particularly keen on the soggy outer layer. I’m not sure if this is deliberate. The prawns themselves didn’t carry much taste due to the buffalo sauce but the texture was adequate.

Starter #2: Seafood Chowder

Chowder again and for the last time. Tasted much the same as the previous days but greeted with even less enthusiasm this time round.

Starter #3: Deep Fried Clams

These were nice. Well flavoured deep fried ‘nuggets’ of clams. Good size portion too.

Starter #4: Cold peel shrimps and crab claws

Exactly as the title suggests. Peeler prawns with crab claws. Neither tasted particularly fresh.

Main #1: Boiled Lobster

The lobster was huge! Unfortunately though the experience could not match the one we had in Boston. The meat was slightly overdone, resulting in a rubbery texture. The meat itself lacked that essential sweetness that has made lobster meat so famous in this region. We ended up with a rather compromised experience, but then at these prices who can complain?

Main #2: Lobster Tails Fried

Fresh lobster tails are very expensive. These frozen ones were again deep fried in batter which gave some extra seasoning flavour. Unfortunately it was still chewy and overdone.

Main #3: Swordfish

This steak was blatently overdone. We sent it back and it came back medium but still tasted rather bland and of nothing. Wouldn’t recommend this.

Main #4: Haddock

Again the meat was bland and only slightly less chewy than the swordfish. Not too pleasant.

Main #5: Crab Legs

Very large legs with plenty of flesh inside. Tricky to peel even with the peeler due to its bendy yet strong structure. Flesh was sweet but again inferior to legal. I think the Mrs was totally sick of these by the end of the evening!

Main #6: Value Meal

Too much deep fried elements here; consisting of prawns, fish, clams etc. It all makes you feel nauseous after a while.

Sides #1: Baked Beans

Bog standard baked beans.

Sides #2: Rice

I actually enjoyed the rice more than expected as I needed something to get rid of that deep fried aftertaste that stays on your palate for minutes after eating each of these plates of food.

Sides #3: Chips

These freshly made potato chips reminded me a bit of Kettle chips we have at home in UK. Delicious and not too oily I was glad to see.

Dessert #1: Chocolate Cake

Once again I must point out that the Americans are experts of making rich chocolaty desserts. This one was far too chocolaty for me but the texture of the cake was good. It was very heavy; even more so on a stomach that felt like it was about to explode.

Dessert #2: Deep Fried Cheesecake

I shudder to think how many calories this dish contained – luckily it was shared between the 5 of us! Despite my disapproval of ordering this dish it actually tasted good – very good indeed. Lovely sweet batter encasing a still formed cheesecake inside that was wonderfully creamy. Delicious.

I think coming to this restaurant just reemphasised to me the importance of the origin of produce as opposed to simply freshness. With particular reference to the lobster it was clear that this place offers SOME fresh seafood. However the flavour and cooking quality just could not match Legal at all. Also for the rest of their produce that is not so fresh they love to deep fry things, and too much so in my opinion. Either that or they overcook their fish dramatically. The desserts were the upside of the entire meal.

I would have scored it a 4.5, but it has managed to rescue itself an extra 1/2 point with the sheer quality of the service and desserts.

Total cost approx $220 excluding service. Very good value for money considering the amount we ordered!


Newicks Lobster House
317 Loudon Road

Tel: (888) 579-7576‎

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 11:00 – 21:00
Fri – Sat : 11:00 – 22:00


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