Posted by: mikeydude | December 14, 2009

Peter Luger Steakhouse Long Island Review (5/10)

Best steakhouse in New York? I’m not so sure…

So many forums speak of the greatness of Peter Luger’s steakhouse particularly when speaking of Porterhouse cut. Perhaps they are all speaking of the Brooklyn branch, but I opted for its Long Island branch due to its proximity to JFK airport where I was staying. Expectations were as high as you can get and after having a fantastic meal at Porterhouse Steakhouse a few days previously, I was expecting even more from these guys. Peter Luger is an establishment that has prided itself on being a top steakhouse for a long time and its bad service is reputable. Bad service is forgiven only if the food makes up for it. I don’t think it excelled in either and here’s why….

Place was packed even on a Thursday night. We arrived about 21:30 after a long drive back from New Hampshire. The place has a manned carpark so all you do is drop your car off at the front and the guys park the car for you (another source of revenue). We were greeted warmly by the front door man and seated in a cosy corner. The whole place was packed on this Thursday evening.

I felt rushed through the entire meal. Waiting staff seemed to be all after an early night and were keen to get us out as soon as possible. The menu was rather small but that didn’t bother us, as all we wanted to sample was their world famous porterhouse. In addition to that we ordered rib eye steak done rare, and ‘Luger Lager’ for drinks. Interestingly this place sells their own Luger steak sauce (pictured above) which tasted rather revolting; a bit sour and a bit salty (?sweet n sour). They sell this in bottles too if you happen to be keen on it. I gave it a pass….

Anyway, after an alarmingly short period of time our food was brought to our table;

Bread was ok. Nothing special and served luke-warm.

Porterhouse Steak

This was what we came for. The meat was seared nicely on the outside and the inside was cooked almost flawlessly to medium rare. So what was the problem? It was the marbling of the cut of beef itself. It lacked the beautiful marbling texture that the porterhouse we had at Porterhouse Steakhouse had. This lack of fat made the meat taste relatively dry. This is highly reflective of the quality of the beef despite the fact they are both US Prime. Don’t get me wrong it was still an enjoyable steak; but it was too noticeably inferior to its rival in Manhattan.

Rib Steak

Indeed this came out rare (comparison of the 2 are demonstrated in the picture below). Apologies for the blurred picture. Again the steak was good but not sublime.

So what’s my verdict? Good but not outstanding food with awful service and 3 star prices.

The service of this place was a real let down. The waiter insisted on dividing up the side dishes (photos weren’t really worth taking) as soon as it arrived probably so he could take the plates back in the kitchen for washing ASAP to prevent staying late. That’s still acceptable, but to throw chocolate coins on the table along with the bill? Hmmmm… that’s service I’ve never come across before. I think my in-laws were rather shocked by it. I thought I knew bad service. I mean I’ve been to London China Town! Didn’t think it could get much worse than that, and even there I wouldn’t complain due to the cheap prices of the food. These guys aren’t making much money per head and so need to hurry you up for rapid turnover. Peter Luger’s is earning a fortune and so I’m sorry but this is unacceptable.

If this place was a lot cheaper than porterhouse new york then great no real complaints as both food and service was inferior. However for such colossal prices then it must be justified, and this place just does not do that. A real let down and proof that even such well established restaurants struggle to maintain quality in this day and age.

I forget the total price, but it was not cheap. Unlikely to return.

At least the Luger Lager was fairly good.


Great Neck, LI
Peter Luger of Long Island, Inc.
255 Northern Blvd.
Great Neck, N.Y. 11021

Tel: 516-487-8800

Opening Hours:

Not stated on the website


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