Posted by: mikeydude | December 22, 2009

Daisy May’s BBQ New York Restaurant Review (5.5/10)

The bigger you are the harder you fall

I’m not sure why but this was one of the most anticipated restaurants of my trip. Whether this was because of all the hype created by critics as well as Jamie Oliver, or just the thought of succulent barbequed american style ribs, or just sheer gut feeling I will never know. The walk to this place from Times Square Subway was long and cruel in cold conditions. My poor in-laws were struggling and I was really hoping that this place would make it worth it….

The place itself appears to have been takeaway only originally and then made into a diner. It shows and the system consists of ordering at the counter and paying in full before taking your food to the dining area (a la ‘fast-food’ if you like). Prices are decent and I liked the laid back bench-style dining area with 2 plasma TVs to watch live sports. Anyway I was here for the food above all else.

Unfortunately I only took a couple of shots and your fingers get rather oily once you start and so no more pictures were taken. Nevermind. You don’t miss much.

Oklahama Jumbo Beef Rib, Memphis Dry Rub Pork Ribs, and Tennessee Whiskey Beer Can Style Half Chicken

Beef Rib was the best part by long shot. Deliciously tender and well marinated beef with a good amount of fat just to keep the meat juicy made this dish well worth its cost.

The pork ribs were very average to say the least. I preferred the dry ribs due to preference of the seasoning. Kansas ribs was actually more dry than the dry ribs! The sticky sauce wasn’t very appealing at all; preferring Jamie Oliver’s BBQ marinade.

The chicken was the worst order of the night. It was basically an overcooked half chicken which lacked taste beyond the skin itself.

Kansas City Sweet and Sticky Pork Ribs, Coleslaw, Baked Beans with Burnt Ends, and Golden Spicy Corn Bread

The sides were pretty good, particularly the burnt end beans. Personally I’m not a fan of corn bread but this tasted ok, as did the coleslaw. As mentioned above the pork ribs were rather dry and uninspiring.

I left the place rather underwhelmed. The beef rib was the only dish that I would order again. Perhaps I ordered the wrong things; I have a feeling the pork rear is delicious. However I have no choice but to rate the items I ordered and so have given this place a rather modest score.


623 West 46th Street & 11th Ave
New York
NY 10036
United States

Tel: (212) 977-1500

Opening Hours:

Mon 11am-9pm
Tue – Fri. 11am-10pm
Sat 12pm – 10pm
Sun. 12pm – 9pm



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