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Porterhouse New York Steakhouse Review (8/10)

Best steak I’ve ever tasted. Simple as.

One of my reasons for coming to New York in the first place was to sample the world-renowned US prime beef (USDA) and meeting my father-in-law (steak lover) there was a fantastic time to sample it. New York has many steak houses, but after much consideration I decided to try out this venue and we were in for an evening of steak heaven….

It’s quite funny actually, as directly opposite this steakhouse was arguably New York’s top restaurant Per Se. I joked with my wife saying that the $250+/head prices there were too steep and so we had to be relegated to the steakhouse across instead. Still… the steakhouse was not cheap either!

Anyway upon a warm greeting we were taken to our spacious booth which set up a fantastic ambience for the rest of the evening and a well-informed friendly waiter. He was quick to tell us about the quality of the beef and the different types of cut they had available.

The walnut and raisin bread is top notch at this place and we kept asking for more. The ‘bread man’ however put a slight tinge to an almost flawless evening with a look of annoyance each time we requested more. The bread was warm and soft; and the classic combination of walnut and raisin was delicious.

Porterhouse Steak

I apologise for the picture. The steak was already carved on arrival to the table and the first pieces of meat were already served onto our plates and so the picture taken is what remained. Still you can see it was cooked medium rare as requested. It’s a shame they don’t show us the raw pieces of meat so that the marbling can be truly appreciated. Nevermind that though, the beef tasted fantastic. It had a beautifully caramelised buttery outer layer which tightly sealed the wonderful beefy juices and tender meat within which carried the perfect amount of fat:meat ratio producing a sublime piece of cooked meat. The beef taste exceeded the best I’ve had in Britain (Aberdeen Angus) by quite a comfortable margin. Almost flawless.

Prime Rib Steak

This was ordered by the Mrs and is essentially one half of the porterhouse cut. Again it was perfectly tender and cooked medium rare. She enjoyed it very much although in retrospect should have probably ordered the New York Strip cut instead since it made its name in this city.

Fillet Mignon

This is where the Parisians performed better. My sister-in-law loves her beef rare and so what better way to sample this other than ordering a fillet mignon? The last time I had this was in a french bistro in Paris called La Fontaine de Mars (review here) and their fillet mignon was out of this world. I never actually tasted the dish, but I could see that it wasn’t quite rare, which for me almost fails the dish completely. However if you don’t mind medium rare fillet then ignore my last few sentences. The quality of the beef was again sublime I was told.

Side #1: Sweet potato mash

This was a nice accompaniment to the rich steak with its mild and sweet flavours. It was perfectly smooth.

Side #2: Ginger Carrots

Very original. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered carrot with a flavour of ginger before. Not to everyone’s taste, but I liked it nonetheless.

Side #3: Mushrooms

Nicely done ordinary plate of mushrooms.

Dessert #1: New York Cheese Cake

It’s not possible to come to New York and not sample its cheesecake. This was very good and I commend the quality of the thin biscuit base holding the whole thing together. The cheese was nice and rich with a perfect level of sweetness for an almost perfect cheesecake.

Dessert #2: Chocolate Expresso Ice Box Cake

My wife absolutely loved this. A smooth creamy chocolate coffee semi mousse sitting on a thinner chocolate sponge base served with ice-cream is most definitely her kind of dessert. This was finished very quickly and the general consensus was good.

I must admit that US prime beef has a deservedly world renowned reputation. These guys know how to produce good beef. This restaurant was also able to cook it very well indeed. They must have some pretty hot grills in that kitchen!

The only steakhouse I can compare this to is Peter Luger’s on Long Island, but I can tell you our experience of this was far superior in service, cooking, and steak quality. It was a hugely enjoyable meal which cost approximately $300 for 5 including service and a bottle of wine. American beef is good; very good.


10 Columbus Circle
New York
NY 10019-1158
United States

Tel: (212) 823-9500

Opening Hours:
5:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Sun – Wed
5:00 PM to 11:30 PM, Thurs – Sat

11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, Every Day



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