Posted by: mikeydude | January 16, 2010

Michelin 2010


Most pleased today after browsing through the leaked Michelin results of this year and noting that Wales has retained its one star and gained 3 more!!!

That’s fantastic news. One new and perhaps expected award goes to the Walnut Tree Inn in Monmouthshire which restores its days of former glory in fantastic style. I’ve never been to this renowned restaurant due to its distance from Cardiff, but will definitely try and make the trip this year.

The other 2 restaurants are in mid-north Wales, so a bit far afield for me… maybe later on.

I think its about time talented chefs showed off some of the fantastic produce we have here in Wales and do it some justice. It’s just a pity that Cardiff itself has yet to even come close to produce such fine food!

Elsewhere… looking at my hometown of Southampton. Nothing there, although Whitley Ridge in Brockenhurst has unsurprisingly lost its one star since the head chef has concentrated on a new hotel in the same village. Hmmmm.. speaking of Hampshire, there’s a restaurant called The Terrace in Beaulieu which is not that far from Southampton. Might give that a shot one day when I go home to visit.

Anyway… EAT ON!


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