Posted by: mikeydude | September 12, 2010

Amazing Chocolate Brownie Alert!!!!

Yesterday was the 1st day of the St Fagans Food Festival (not very well publicised, I only came across it by chance). I didn’t actually go as I have a 2 wk old little girl to look after, but my mother-in-law and her sister went instead. Not particularly sure how good the food festival was, but I stumbled across quite possibly the best chocolate brownie all my life. This is quite strange coming from a non sweet-tooth. Turns out they bought it from a company called, rather originally; chocolate brownie company. Not cheap at £3.50 for 4 small cubes and so I was just expecting typical food festival rip-off pricing average produce. Not to be it turned out….

I was pretty full after a standard meal and so this was supposed to be a simple after dinner treat. Didn’t realise it would steal the show so much. It doesn’t look anything special, but once you take a bite you can immediately appreciate the wonderful chocolate gooey centre. Not a hint of dryness. The outside was firm yet not entirely crispy. The chocolate inside had hints of white chocolate which was a welcome variation. The sweetness was pretty much spot on, as once it reaches a certain threshold it gets sickening for me. Yet, it was strange in the sense it was really chocolatey and rich, yet I was able to eat 2 whole cubes without feeling sick. Maybe it’s greediness, but I can’t think of a single time I’ve had better brownie. Bravo!

Better still I’ve just figured that you can buy this chocolate from Caesar’s Arms farm shop in Creigiau, which is just down the road from me. Looks like I’ll be visiting it more frequently in the future! They state that all their brownies are home-made and free of artificial flavourings/colour.

The future is chocolate! I urge all fellow foodies in Cardiff to get down there to try it out. I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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