Sex: Male

DOB: 14.05.82

Profession: Doctor / Husband (:p)

Residence: Cardiff, UK.

Aspirations: Be a good husband and eventually a dad! Become a Cardiologist.

Hobbies: Cooking and eating out with the Boss. Gym. Guitar. Video Games. Movies.



  1. Hi Mike,

    Just found your blog following a search for Cosmos restaurant. Interesting review and blog.

    Just a suggestion/idea, but I think your blog would really benefit from additionally be organised by rating, so if people were looking for a great place to eat in Cardiff they could see the restaurants that you kindly graded highly – just a thought.

    • Geraint,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m fairly new to blogging so really grateful for the tips! I see your own blog is much better organised 😀 Going through exams at the moment, but will try to find out how to make things more structured afterwards!

  2. Hey mikeydue!

    Excellent blog site. Have been thinking of starting something like this myself due to the lack of proper Cardiff restaurant/venue review sites – now don’t have to. It seems any local newspaper reviews tend to be uncritical advertorials. So your views are welcomed.

    Keep up the good work/dining efforts!


  3. This is a helpful blog.

  4. hi,
    great blog, i’m really enjoying it. are you on twitter?

    • Thanks! Nope fraid not on twitter. Bit too busy with new baby at the moment to even write on my blog hehe….

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