Posted by: mikeydude | January 10, 2010

Lemon Sole with Figs, and Stir Fried Bean Sprouts

Size matters!

This is another Ramsay recipe where you are supposed to fillet a lemon sole and cook the whole thing in an oven. The 2 soles I bought from Morrison (£6 for 2!!!!!) were too small for filleting, and so I had to roast them whole (chinese style). In the end though that worked for me for 2 reasons. First the meat off the bones are the juiciest and most tender. Secondly I didn’t have a storage box for bone freezing to make fish stocks another time. Anyway here’s what I did.

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Posted by: mikeydude | January 9, 2010

Bodean’s Tower Hill Restaurant Review (5.5/10)

BBQ Ribs in icey London

It’s the winter deep freeze in London and our trip here was a rather anxious one as some of the trains were cancelled. We managed to track down this American style ribhouse that was extremely conveniently located yards from the excellent Apex Hotel where we stayed at Tower Hill. Turns out Bodean’s is a small chain that has made a lasting impression on various UK food bloggers. The interesting thing was that I only recently tried a renowned BBQ house in NY called Daisy May’s which turned out disappointing. Expectations were low on this occasion and I ended up enjoying the meal a whole lot more!

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Posted by: mikeydude | January 5, 2010

Steamboat aka Chinese Hotpot / Fondue

Hitting the Beano!

There are a few names for this style of oriental dining; the one I’m most familiar with is “Da Beano” (Cantonese slang) but I have yet to find out where this name originates from (?!). Anyway during the winter freeze I had some soup left over and the Mrs fancied seafood, and so we opted to have this chinese fondu for dinner! Here’s what we had…

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Posted by: mikeydude | January 4, 2010

Kam’s Palace Fareham Restaurant Review (5.5/10)

At least a pretty building…

This place sits in a special place in my heart because my wedding banquet was held here back in 2007. Although I was rather distracted on the day, I remember them serving up excellent roast duck. However those chefs have long departed, and now it was time to retry their classic cantonese dishes to see how they fare. The exterior of the building has always been a plus point about this place as it really does try to mimic the appearance of an imperial palace! Inside itself it also looks quite glam with multiple chandeliers and even the wedding background at the far end with the ‘double happiness’ sign. Food however lets it down a bit. Here’s my review…

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Posted by: mikeydude | January 3, 2010

Afternoon Tea Merlins @ Celtic Manor Newport Review (6/10)

High Tea anyone?

It’s been a really cold winter this year and so prior to the long drive back to Southampton from Cardiff we decided to visit my favourite local hotel for some afternoon tea. They were doing some kind of Christmas deal which included festive treats such as freshly baked mince pies and yule logs at a fairly substantial £20 per person. I needed to see what this was all about!

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Multidisciplinary Team Approach

The modern NHS always drums into our heads from medical school that caring for a patient requires a ‘multidisciplinary team approach’. In other words; teamwork. Which leads on to our Christmas feast in 2009. I must confess that my work here was rather minimal; with dad working on the roast beef, mum was on the mushrooms and gravy, I assisted with the roast potatoes, and the wife sorted the potatoes and the sprouts. My sister and brother-in-law were the tasters 😀

Anyway…. here’s a report of how that went!

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Posted by: mikeydude | January 2, 2010

Dragon Palace Dim Sum Restaurant Southampton Review (3/10)

Can Dim Sum get any worse?

In typical annual fashion my parents, sis + bro-in-law, my wife and I went for Dim Sum during the Christmas break. Usually we go to Pearl Harbour just down the road from this one, but their standards and hygiene standards have totally put my parents off from going there recently. So we resort to this small 2nd floor restaurant which has changed owners recently and so was due a visit. I’m not entirely sure which of the 2 would have been worse, but my goodness have dim sum standards fallen in Southampton this year! Here’s my report.

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Posted by: mikeydude | December 23, 2009

Legal Seafood Boston Restaurant Review (8/10)

Amazing quality and freshness

If steak was the reason for going to New York, then lobster was the reason for going to Boston. Where better then to try seafood than at an institution that prides itself of fresh seafood; boasting the slogan “If it ain’t fresh, it ain’t legal”. Being perhaps a little skeptical of spending one of our limited dinner evenings at what was effectively a chain, our fears were quickly evaporated by the sheer quality of what arrived on our table dish by dish.

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Posted by: mikeydude | December 22, 2009

Daisy May’s BBQ New York Restaurant Review (5.5/10)

The bigger you are the harder you fall

I’m not sure why but this was one of the most anticipated restaurants of my trip. Whether this was because of all the hype created by critics as well as Jamie Oliver, or just the thought of succulent barbequed american style ribs, or just sheer gut feeling I will never know. The walk to this place from Times Square Subway was long and cruel in cold conditions. My poor in-laws were struggling and I was really hoping that this place would make it worth it….

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Posted by: mikeydude | December 22, 2009

Porterhouse New York Steakhouse Review (8/10)

Best steak I’ve ever tasted. Simple as.

One of my reasons for coming to New York in the first place was to sample the world-renowned US prime beef (USDA) and meeting my father-in-law (steak lover) there was a fantastic time to sample it. New York has many steak houses, but after much consideration I decided to try out this venue and we were in for an evening of steak heaven….

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